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As you may be aware, from 31/12/2007 the Owners Corporations Act 2006 governs strata properties in Victoria. More information on this issue is available via the links on our website. 

Binks & Associates Pty Ltd was established in early 1986 with the aim of substantially improving the quality of service and professionalism available to owners corporations in Melbourne. We believe that we have achieved this objective. The clearest evidence of this is that we have grown from managing a single property to become one of the major owners corporation management firms in Melbourne. 

Owners corporation management is the sole purpose of our business, as distinct from many firms where it is a sideline. Consequently our staff have developed a high level of expertise in this field through our extensive and ongoing training program and by working with other skilled owners corporation managers. We are a founding member and a strong supporter of Owners Corporation Victoria Inc. (formerly known as the Institute of Body Corporate Managers). 

Our growth occurs predominantly through the recommendation of new business to us by existing clients, and professionals such as solicitors, accountants and real estate agents. 

Our policy from the outset has been to provide excellent service, and thereby give our clients the best value for money, rather than to undercut the fees charged by other management firms in order to win new clients. Our fees are structured to fall in the mid-range of fees charged in Melbourne. The fee charged by the managing agent is only one component of the cost of operation of an owners corporation. Effective management usually saves far more money for the client than the extra management fee paid to a good management firm. The lowest management fee may well be accompanied by poor service. We firmly believe in the "user pays" principle that enables the service provider to deliver the agreed services to the client at the agreed cost.  

Sound financial management is central to good quality owners corporation management. As part of our service we supply a detailed list of expenditure with our annual financial statements. The list enables all members to see the details of every payment made and thus know exactly where their money was spent. We have developed and provide to our clientele financial reports in various forms and frequency designed for owners corporations ranging from a few units to those with budgets of the order of a million dollars.

We would be pleased to discuss the needs of  your owners corporation and how we can improve the services your owners corporation is receiving at the moment.