About Us

Binks & Associates specialises in Owners Corporation management. As Owners Corporation managers we manage the common property of developments in residential, commercial, retail, industrial and mixed-use properties. Owners Corporation management is the sole purpose of our business and as a result, our staff have developed a high level of expertise in the field.

Our Story

We are proud to be one of Melbourne’s oldest Owners Corporation management firms. Our story began in 1986 with our first property which is still under our management today. We believe our client focus and integrity are a large part of the reason our clients continue to choose our services, and our long term relationships with many of our existing clients are a validation of this. Compared with the industry average for length of building management, our clients choose to stay with us for between 2 to 4 times longer.

As founding members of the Owners Corporation industry body, Strata Community Australia, we are the leaders in our field. Most of the growth in our business over the last 30 years has happened through the word-of-mouth of our clients and the professionals we work with such as lawyers, accountants and real estate agents.

Word of mouth & referrals are how we got from our first building in 1986 to now manage

Our Strengths


We advocate and work for the client, protecting their interests. We work quickly and effectively to solve clients’ problems


We build enduring, collaborative relationships with clients, developers, staff and suppliers. We understand that building strong, high quality, trusting relationships benefits clients and so we work pro-actively to develop new relationships.


We are consistently available to clients through telephone and email, and communicate in a clear and efficient manner to keep clients informed of developments. We communicate respectfully with clients and staff.


We provide opportunities for staff to develop their skills both in practice and through working to achieve formal qualifications. We delegate responsibility and mentor staff to develop their capabilities.


We work ethically with the best interests of the client in mind. We always operate within the law and in accordance with the advice of regulatory bodies.


We provide guidance to clients and developers and use our extensive knowledge base, expertise and access to professional services and suppliers to anticipate and prevent areas of potential concern.


We have three directors and many full-time Owners Corporation managers and support staff, many of whom have worked for us for over a decade. In addition to their knowledge in Owners Corporation management, our staff also have expertise in the law, accounting, finance, public relations and engineering.


Many of our staff are also multi-lingual, with managers and assistants fluent in languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, French and Japanese..

Our Story

Marion Binks and Marian Blonder started Binks & Associates in . With a small trusted team around them, their focus was clear - substantially improve the quality of service and professionalism available to Owners Corporations in Melbourne. We are proud of how this legacy lives on in our offices today.
Our very first owners corporation in 1986 is still under our management today
Marion Binks shared her knowledge with the industry by writing and publishing ‘101 Answers to Questions on Body Corporates’ to help explain the specialised field of Owners Corporation management to clients and enable them to better enjoy the benefits of living in a strata development.
Stable and consistent leadership from our founding directors
We moved away from typewriters in 1988 with the early introduction of our own Binks & Associates proprietary software system. This was a major innovation for our office, bringing with it greater efficiencies and quality control and the capacity to be self sufficient with our own software perfectly tailored to our needs.
Our organic growth gave us the time to refine and develop quality management processes
Our directors volunteered their time to our industry body, Strata Community Australia (formerly Institute of Body Corporate Managers) in both an educational capacity and by serving on the board.
As industry leaders we were founding members of our industry body SCA (VIC)
Looking to improve our service for the benefit of our clients we created individual bank accounts for each Owners Corporation and started the practice of sending an engineer to inspect all properties and provide a general condition report. Managers from other companies soon followed and our innovations are now standard practices in the industry.
Relocating from our long term base in St Kilda to Surrey Hills was an opportunity to refresh our office amenities and company culture and values. We added a gym and personal training sessions, record players and a pool table to reward the diligence of our team, most of whom have been with us for a significant part of their careers. In fact our full time staff have been with us for an average of 9 years.
We’ve built a positive company culture and invest in the professional development of our team