An Owners Corporation manager is the entity hired by the Owners Corporation to provide professional assistance to manage its common property. An Owners Corporation manager ensures the operation of the Owners Corporation is effective and in compliance with the Owners Corporation Act 2006.

An Owners Corporation manager will carry out all administrative tasks on behalf of the Owners Corporation, including:

  • Send out notices of meetings, including the agenda, for annual, special and committee meetings.
  • Attend and chair general meetings as required.
  • Publish minutes of meetings and circulate them to all owners.
  • Act upon and follow through all resolutions of meetings.
  • Manage the placement of the insurance for the Owners Corporation as well the handling of Owners Corporation insurance claims.
  • Maintain the records of the Owners Corporation, including the Owners Corporation Register and financial records.
  • Prepare various documentation as required by various pieces of legislation.
  • Prepare administration fund budgets for each financial year.
  • Prepare the annual financial statements.
  • Issue fee notices and collect contributions and levies.
  • Pursue debts of lot owners.
  • Manage invoices and pay contractors and tradespeople.

In addition, good Owners Corporation management involves much more than carrying out administrative tasks for the Owners Corporation. Good management also involves:

  • Regular communication with committee members, lot owners and other professionals such as solicitors and real estate agents.
  • Assistance, guidance and advice in large scale maintenance projects, renovation projects and emergency works.
  • Experience and knowledge of repairs and maintenance and access to a reliable pool of reasonable, trustworthy and skilled tradespeople.