A Maintenance Plan is document prepared by a Quantity Surveyor or appropriately qualified professional after the assets of the common property have been reviewed / surveyed / recorded which sets out the likely expenses related to those assets over a ten year period.

The maintenance plan must set out—

  • The major capital items anticipated to require repair and replacement within the next 10 years.
  • The present condition or state of repair of those items.
  • When those items or components of those items will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • The estimated cost of the repair and replacement of those items or components.
  • The expected life of those items or components once repaired or replaced.
  • Any other prescribed information.

“Major capital item” includes—

  • Lift.
  • Air conditioning plant.
  • Heating plant.
  • An item of a prescribed class.

Recently the list of items included under “major capital item” has been expanded to include:

  • Common property structures including the roof, stairways, balustrades, and window frames.
  • Common property services, such as shared water, gas and sewerage pipes, pumps, drains, electrical and telephony infrastructure.
  • Common property assets, such as fences, pools, and water tanks.