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Owners Corporation Management

At Binks & Associates, we specialise in Owners Corporation management.

If you own an apartment, townhouse or unit that is part of a strata title development, it will be a member of an Owners Corporation.

As Owners Corporation managers, we are the entity hired by the Owners Corporation to provide professional assistance to manage its common property.  Binks & Associates manage the common property of strata title developments in all types of properties including residential, commercial, and industrial, and provide expert assistance to developers and project managers of new buildings.

As managers we carry out all administrative tasks on behalf of the Owners Corporation and ensure the operation of your Owners Corporation is efficient and in compliance with the Owners Corporation Act 2006.

The average tenure of our

Developer Consultancy

Binks & Associates has been exclusively managing Owners Corporations since 1986. Over that time we have developed local knowledge and expertise to be able to provide you with reliable guidance in matters of Owners Corporation throughout the life of your development.

We know developers care about the long term success of their buildings. Binks & Associates dedicated business development team is committed to partnering with you from the very first beginnings of your development.

We help developers through


We prepare all paperwork required from an Owners Corporation perspective to allow settlement of the lots to proceed smoothly.


We dedicate the time to undertake a detailed review of your building’s plans and provide feedback on potential common property issues.


We prepare the initial budget for you and obtain actual quotations for service contracts.


We consult, review and provide assistance in the development of rules, ensuring they are appropriate to the specific needs of your development.


We establish the facility maintenance schedule to ensure all plant and equipment is maintained post settlement and nothing is overlooked.

Binks & Associates offers a free strata health check on your existing Owners Corporation and a free consultation on your new project.

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